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 Project Showcase 23/5/11

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PostSubject: Project Showcase 23/5/11   Mon May 23, 2011 10:47 am

That time of the week again, I was hoping someone would post a project they were working on though, you guys did vote for this segment after all.

Showcase #1:
The Meteor Child
Media Type: Game
Creator: Deshar
Story: Long ago a child came to Anarim in the core of a meteor, destined to change the fate of the land. But is this fate for better or worse and just who is The Meteor Child anyway?
Xero is a child born in Terla village, deep within the land of Anarim. After a simple journey with the merchant of his village, Xero stumbles into the destiny of The Meteor Child. Is he the fabled creature that will bring change to Anarim?
Genre: Adventure Rpg
Footnote: The story's abit short because I don't want to give away the next version. I've been working on his game for a few years now and am looking for helpers so I can get it finished. I have a general idea of where the story is going and anyone that helps will be added as a character in one of the villages as well as being added to the credits. I am hoping to have many secrets and possibly references that can be found by playing the game and am already planning on creating a secret that will take the whole game length.
I have two links for the game because there are two versions of the game, the first version is the early development using the drag and drop of Game Maker, the second version is a complete overhaul using Game Maker Language. The second version has many improvements over the first version and there is a change that one of the characters in Terla Village notes.
I hope you decide to give the game a go and if you do, please be sure to leave a comment or a review on the Yoyogames forums so that I can see what you think and find out what you liked or disliked in the game so that I can improve it.
Link: (Thread) http://freerun.forumotion.net/t30-the-meteor-child
(V1.6) http://www.yoyogames.com/games/3201-the-meteor-child-prototype-v16
(V2.0) http://www.yoyogames.com/games/171703-the-meteor-child-v2

Showcase #2:
Sorry, no second showcase this time. There really wasn't anything else to choose from that wasn't my game, again I ask you all to post up your media projects regardless of how small. I can't do this showcase with no media to showcase.

So thats it for this weeks showcase, I hope you post your media for next times showcase. I really want to see what you've all been working on as of late.

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Project Showcase 23/5/11
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