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 Rules of the game [Plus Game Guide]

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PostSubject: Rules of the game [Plus Game Guide]   Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:59 pm

The rules are being remade for the new forum game.

1. Don't post in any of the threads until after you have posted your profile in the Signing Up Thread.
2. Stick to the profile Skeleton.
3. In battle, use the stat system designed for the game.
4. Since this is a forum a roleplay style has been implemented, please stay in character while posting in this forum. You may use () to speak to each other out of character if you really must.
5. You can assign points to Strength to a maximum of 10 times your level, if you try to assign more then that then the points will not be assigned. This rule also applies to Wisdom. This rule does not apply to Level 0. e.g If you are level 5 you cannot assign more the 50 points to your Strength/Wisdom, Equips and Classes do not count towards this total.

Tips and information.
Fighting others is not necessary to level up, however if you do not then you will have difficulty learning new classes.
It's best to design your character around yourself so that you feel more comfortable in the role.
There will be a basic walkthrough on the stat system in the next post of this thread, please read it if you don't understand something.
New Recruit is your base Class, it will change every 10 levels.

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Posts : 1931
Join date : 2010-10-04
Age : 29
Location : England

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Level: 6
Class: Swordsman
Guild:: Masters of Conflict

PostSubject: Re: Rules of the game [Plus Game Guide]   Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:09 pm

Step 1: Signing Up

Character Creation
Before you can do anything you need to create your character, this is important so that other members know who you are in the game and what your character can do. This is also important because it tells us who is taking part in the game and who isnt.
Just a quick note, after you've signed up your Level, Class and Guild will be added to your avatar area as soon as we transfer your information over to the Player List. You will then be able to use the Dice Roll function.

Profile Skeleton
First head over to the Signing Up thread and copy the profile skeleton, paste it into a reply or into a word processing application, we're going to assume your posting it directly into a reply since I don't know what you chose.
Here is an example of a filled out profile skeleton:
Username: Metal Dragon (Xero)
Stat Additions:
(Each stat starts off at five apart from health that starts from 10.)
(You have five spare stat points you can add to your stats.)

Health: +1
Strength: +2
Wisdom: 0
Effect Resist: +1 (10 = 1 Resistance.)
Speed: +1

Basic Equipment: (Choose one for each.)
Weapon: Basic Sword
Armor: Basic Robes
Attachment: Basic Gloves

True Appearance (Does not affect stats)
Character Description/Picture: Xero is a human with thick brown hair with a red fighters headband over his forehead, he wears a grey top and blue trousers and carries a buster sword on his back.
Actual Weapon: A buster sword with spikes sticking out from the blade edge, it can tear pretty easily due to these spike and is a strong blade regardless.

There are two things you can put in your Username section, your username and ,in brackets, your characters name, should you not add a character name then your characters name will be taken as the same as your username. On the above profile the user MetalDragon inputted the name Xero for his character.

As you can see, in the Stat Additions section of the profile, MetalDragon has assigned five individual stats to his character. These arn't the only stats you will get, but they are the only additions you will have control over. Once his character is submitted 5 will be added to each of his stats and an additional 5 on top of that to Health. This stats in the Character list will look like this:
Health: 11
Strength: 7
Wisdom: 5
Effect Resist: 6 (10 = 1 Resistance.)
Speed: 6

Wisdom was the only stat MetalDragon did not increase, so its base value becomes a value of 5. All other stats are 5 plus what ever number he assigned for them. Wisdom is actually the most useless stat at the start of the game since New Recruits can't use it, however, once you get fully established into the game it becomes one of, if not the most, important stats in the game. Bear this in mind as you are assigning points.
Right now you are probably looking at the Stats and thinking, 'The Health is wrong', I can assure you it is correct, if you added nothing to it the base value for Health would be 10. Why? Because it gets 5 points like all the other stats and then an additional 5 points on top of that. This means whereas the other stats are worked out as 5+Additional stats, Health is 5+5+Additional stats. I hope this clears this up.
Please note that on your player Profile there will be a:
Unassigned Stats: 0
This is where additional stats are stored, you get these by leveling up. You are awarded an additional 5 times your level every time you level up. By posting in brackets in a location thread you can assign these additional points to your other stats.

Now that you've assigned your extra stats, its time to assign your character some equipment to use, you only have a choice of Basic Equips so be sure to figure out which ones would be ideal for the character you're making.
Pick one Basic Weapon, one Basic Armor and one Basic Attachment and your character will be fully equipped. If you're unaware of where to find the equipment, they should be listed in the Equipment Market under Basic.
Basic Equipment: (Choose one for each.)
Weapon: Basic Sword
Armor: Basic Robes
Attachment: Basic Gloves

MetalDragon chose to equip a Basic Sword, a Basic Robes and a Basic Gloves.
The Basic Sword gives him +5 to his standard Strength, so now his strength becomes 5+2+5, which will be shown as:
Strength: 1-7 +5 [Weapon]

This means that when MetalDragon attacks using Strength, he would roll a 1-10 dice and a 1-2 dice whereas if he did not have this equipped he would roll a 1-7 dice. The 1 represents how much damage you will definately do in battle with your base stats, if the weapon bonus is calculated in then your damage amount is actually 2-12. But it is listed as above because its easier to work out should you decide to change or remove weapons.
The Basic Sword also gives him the possibility of learning a new Class called Warrior. Warrior takes 10 Ap to learn and you gain Ap through battle, once you learn the Warrior Class you will be able to assign it as your Class. [Even if you unequip the Basic Sword.]

The Armor and Attachment work on the same principles as the Weapon, I'm sure you understand right?

Character Appearance
Now your character is fully ready to join the game...However there seems to be one more section, don't worry too much as this part doesn't affect the gameplay in any way, it is simply used so that you can have the character and weapons you want for your character, just note that these appearance and weapon/s are for display only, they have no effect on the gameplay but allow you to roleplay as your character without the hinderance of everyone having the exact same weapons and armor.
Write a short description of your character or link a picture of them and write a description about your weapon or link a picture of it and you're done, post the filled out profile and your character is complete.

Congratulations, you're now signed up for the game and can start playing any time.

Step 2: Knowledge is key to victory.

So you've made your character and it's been posted on the Player List, nice, but do you actually know what most of the stuff on the Player List means?
We'll start with an easy one MetalDragon, it is the appointed Dice Roller of the game, it has no will of his own so it wont rig your rolls. Infact it doesn't have any control over the Dice Rolls, the account MetalDragon doesn't actually have a user behind it and was actually only created specifically to roll dice for the game.
In short MetalDragon = Dice Roll Mechanism.
So how does Dice Rolling work? Well, after your character information is created you'll get a Dice Roll function on your Post a Reply page, if you select a dice and the number of times rolled when posting a reply, MetalDragon will appear and make a post instantly after your own post that will roll the dice you chose.
But enough on that for now, until you get into battle it is not important.
Now that you know how MetalDragon works I can explain the normal characters on the Player List.
We'll start from the top of your character after name, because who really doesn't know what a name is?

So first we have Class, this is your character Class in the game, it's basically your restrictions and bonus stats for your character. But for this explaination we need to go to Class Information. Here everything about Classes are explained.
The first thing you should notice is that Classes give you bonus stats, well most do anyway. These are to do with the strengths of the class itself and are usually only minor alterations to you character.
Secondly you should see Weapon Allowed to Equip, this is important as only certain classes of characters can weild certain weapons, don't worry if you choose a class you later don't like, you can switch classes just as long as your outside of battle, however be warned you may have to re-equip equipment if you switch to classes that don't allow you to weild the same equipment.
Next you can see what equipment is used to learn that class in the first place, every class requires you to learn it from an equipment apart from New Recruit.
Finally you have a run down of the moves that class can use, this is very useful for devising a strategy in battle and some classes have moves that can do multiple things in battle so it's worth a look.
That's it for classes, lets move on to stats, stats are basically your characters statistics, hence the name. There are five of them and one area where unassigned stats go, excluding level, experience, money and wins/losses, which we will go into later.
Health is your characters life blood, this stat determines how much damage your character can take before being defeated, reduce your opponents health to 0 to win a battle but if yours reaches 0 you lose.
Strength is how much damage your character can do physically, it is generally used in physical type classes in their move sets. You generally use this stat to reduce your opponents health stat, rolling the damage dice determines the effectiveness of these types of attacks.
Wisdom is your characters magical property, it can determine how much damage you can do magically and how much healing you can do magically. It is generally used by magical type Classes in their move sets and can be used to either reduce your opponents health or increase your own health, rolling the damage dice determines the effectiveness of damage moves with this stat and rolling the heal dice determines the effectiveness of healing moves with this stat.
Effect Resist displays how much resistance you have to effects, for every 1 resistance you have when your opponent rolls the effect dice, your opponent must get 1 over the normal requirement for their effect to work. And for every 1 resistance you have when you roll the effect dice, you can reduce the requirement to be cured from an effect by 1. However, it requires 10 Effect Resist to get 1 resistance.
Speed is pretty much one use in battle, that being said its one use is pretty useful, it decides who goes first. The higher your Speed, the better your chance of going first, however it is not certain. When deciding turn order both players roll dice equal to their speed, the highest resulting number after tallying up dice gets to go first.
So those are the stats that affect gameplay, since we're on the subject of stats we'll just continue onto the other stats that dont affect gameplay but do have other effects.
Level and Experience, these two work together in a way, you gain experience from taking part and being active, when you get a certain amount of experince you Level Up. Levels are important because for each time you level up you get 5 extra stat points times the level you just reached, so at level 10 you get 50 extra stat points, pretty cool huh?
Money, you basically use this to buy equipment, as of right now there's no specific way to gain money, however there will be once this gets going so look out for it.
Wins/Losses, this is basically the results of battles you have faught, showing how many you won and how many you lost.
The final gameplay based bit of the Characters is the Equipment, these are important and seem to tie into most of the things in the gameplay. You buy equipment with the money you earn, then you equip then to your character, this not only allows you to increase your stats by the amount listed on the equipment but also allows you to learn Classes through AP gains in battle. you can only equip three Equipment at any one time, One Weapon, One Armor and One Attachment.
Just a small note you can buy Equipment from the Equipment Market.
The last thing on the characters is the true appearance, this basically gives people looking that characters a description of what the character looks like and the way their weapon looks. It has no effect on gameplay what so ever, its merely for the roleplay aspect of the game.

Not much left now, just some little explainations. The game is roleplay based so your pretending to be your character, have them wander around and get involved in things as the storyline progresses. You will gain experience by simply doing that.
And finally AP gains, after battle you will gain AP based on your level, your opponents level and if you won or lost. Here's a short summary on how the gains are worked out:
((Lv x 2)+(OppLv)+1)x2 = AP
((Lv+OppLv)/2)+1 = AP

Step 3: Your first battle.

Now you have some knowledge regarding your character profile and the many stats, classes and equipment. However all this means little if you don't know how they are implimented in battle, this section will have you bringing it all together in the form of a basic battle.
First find your opponent and challenege them to a battle while in character, once accepted the battle begins and the first roll of the dice can be made. But already we run into a problem, who goes first? Going first may be a decisive issue in a battle because you can do damage first which gives you a big advantage...So no ones going to want to go second if they don't have to.
To decide the turn order we roll our first dice, the dice you roll will be determined by your Speed stat the higher your speed stat the more chance you will go first and gain the advantage. But which dice do you roll, well looking through them you should probably be able to determine that by yourself your a capable person after all, however for clarification I have to explain that you will be using the Turn Order Dice. Once each player has rolled once, (thankyou for the assistance MetalDragon) the turn order is decided. The one with the highest total number on his dice wins.
Note: Roll a 1-10 Dice for every multiple of 10 on your stat, one for 10, two for 20, three for 30 and so on. And one dice with the remaining value on it, 1-1 for a 1, 1-2 for a 2, 1-3 for a 3 and so on until 1-9 for a 9.
For clarification of this here's an example: If your speed stat is at 35 you roll three 1-10 Turn Order Dice and one 1-5 Turn Order Dice. and say your opponent has a speed stat of 28, they roll two 1-10 Turn Order Dice and one 1-8 Turn Order Dice.
We'll assume you won that Dice Roll, well done by the way, but there is a much bigger victory to be had so don't lose your head quite yet. Next we're moving on to the first turn, it's time to kick ass.
First make sure you have your profile at hand, you'll need it to remeber your stats, and maybe open the Class Information page if you cant remember your moves, assuming this is your first battle you'll only have Basic Strike available right now anyway.
So lets explain Basic Strike, it uses your Strength stat and causes Damage. So on your profile check your Strength, the base is 1-5 but we'll use 13 as our example, there's one 10 and three single so we roll a 1-10 Dice and a 1-3 Dice...But again we must determine which one. As I said before, your Basic Strike causes Damage, so we have to use the Damage Dice. Roll your dice and your turn ends after Metal Dragon shows the results, thankyou MetalDragon.
Since your turn has ended, it's your opponents turn, lets assume he/she did the same as you...So you've taken damage. This is the basic syle of game and until you unlock a new class, that's all there is to it, the winner will be the person who doesn't lose all of his/her health.

However this tutorial shouldn't end here, there are other dice you've no doubt seen and other attacks in other classes, I will explain them next.

Step 3: Expanding on the Battle System.

Causing damage is not the only way to fight, there are many tricks to survival that are more cunning.
We're now going to assume you've obtained another class and thus a technique that doesn't just attack with strength, since we're going to try to cover all of the techniques in this section lets assume your a Rogue Class now. (Bet your tired of all these assumptions.)
Lets start with Sword Strike and Knife Throw, which are both pretty much the same as Basic Strike, your probably wondering why they have different names if they do the same thing. Well its because they're connected to different classes and items, since a Warrior can only equip a Sword weapon and a Knife-Thrower can only equip a Throwing-Knife weapon.
Moving on, next we have a similar move called Spell Strike. I say similar because we're still using the Damage Dice, however the difference is that this technique relies on the Wisdom stat instead of the Strength stat. Other then that, not much is different.
Moving one more step away we move onto Magic Potion, this technique is used for healing instead of damaging. Instead of reducing your opponents Health, your increasing your own Health back towards its original value. This Technique actually requires another dice, this dice named Heal Dice is named simply for this function. Same as usual though, roll 1-10 dice based on the multiple of 10 in your stats and another dice based on the single value.
So that's all the techniques, wasn't hard to learn ri-
Wait, wait, wait! That's not all, even if you haven't obtained them yet there is no reason to not learn the next level of techniques. After all once you retreive them the game opens up for strategy a little more.
Poison, this technique requires little with regards to your stats, however its effect can be reduced by the Effect Reduce stat. This is what I call an Effect type technique, thus you use the Effect Dice for this one...Notice something unique to this dice? That's right, there's only one of them. We'll use the basis of Poison for this example and have no effect Reduce on. Poison requires only one roll of the Effect Dice and will take effect if you get a number over 6, this does not include number 6 itself. This means if a 7, an 8, a 9 or a 10 is rolled then your opponent becomes effected by poison which, according to the decription, reduces their health by 3 each turn. If affected by poison you will have to roll the Effect Dice once per turn along with your technique Damage/Heal Dice, if you attain a number over 6, not including 6, you will be cured of the poison.
You may think we're done with Poison/Effect Moves, but no, there's abit more and it regards Effect Resist. If you have 10 Effect Resist, the lowest number your opponent must get from their Effect Dice Roll will be increased by 1 and the lowest number you have to get from your Effect Dice Roll will be reduced by 1. This actually makes Effect Resist pretty useful once Effect Moves start being used against you.
Accelerated Strike, an unusual technique, it requires the use of the Strength and Speed stats as well as the Damage and Turn Order Dice. What you thought the Turn Order Dice were only for deciding Turn Order? Accelerated Strike uses your Strength stat with the Damage Dice as normal, however it is a Double Dice Move, this means you'll be rolling two sets of Dice and the other dice for this one is the Turn Order Dice that uses the Speed stat. Your attack will do the standard damage of a Basic Strike based on your Strength, however, you roll your Turn Order Dice at your Speed stat number and then your opponent does too for his turn along with his technique, if your Turn Order dice is higher then his then your opponents technique is skipped and you can have another move. Be warned though this technique can only be used 5 times in any battle.

And that's all there is to tell right now, goodluck.
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Rules of the game [Plus Game Guide]
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