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 Project Showcase 13/06/11

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PostSubject: Project Showcase 13/06/11   Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:44 am

After a short pause in the Showcase, it's back!

Showcase #1:
Tai Lee
Media Type: Comic/Animated Comic
Creator: Luciole2831
Story: In the year 2021 a new game was released that was all the hype among the online gaming community. Tai lee online becomes the most played Martial arts MMORPG on the net which allowed the player to control a CGI characters as if they were actually there. This game was released in stores with a headset with microphone, and the first prototype virtual reality simulator. About 2 years after the world wide release hackers began to figure out how to get past the security system, as the Royal Guards(Anti Hacking group) begins to try and rid the system of these pest a strangely new software is developed inside the system and begins to put the players real lives at risk.
Genre: Action, Drama, Gaming, Fantasy, Martial arts.
Footnote: An interesting idea, does anyone else think this sounds like a .Hack game? Its not, but that thought still comes to mind. Since its still in the creation stages, there isn't yet a comic to comment about, but the idea sounds cool and I can't wait to see what Luciole2831 does with this idea. Wonder what this 'strangely new software' is going to do and how the hackers and anti-hackers are going to handle themselves when the problem springs up. (Also, try and get him to post more about it, post questions in his thread and stuff so we can find out a little more.)
Link: (Thread) http://freerun.forumotion.net/t259-tai-lee-a-comic-and-later-on-animated

Showcase #2:
United Symphonia
Media Type: Game
Creator: Red
Story: Still being worked on.
Genre: Fantasy RPG.
Footnote: An RPG with a Linear-Motion Battle System, and before you say Final Fantasy rip off Imma say NO! Lemme finish before you jump to the same conclusion i originally did. The game works around a 'Pact' feature, adding monsters that you defeat to your team once certain unique conditions are met, weapons can range from a yo-yo to even a bazooka by my understanding, it'd be really funny to defeat opponents with...Uh...A pillow or a shoe if it goes that far. xD (Okay Deshar, stop trying to make people laugh at your bad jokes and just get on with it.) Since the story will be set in modern times you can bet there'll be a bunch of modern things like petrol cars and PC's, but that's just the sort of thing I expect. Theres quite alot more to it and I urge people to give the thread a look at to find out more, there's only so much I can put in a footnote and I've yet to have given my opinion here like I usually do. I can't wait to see how this turns out, it has promise and some interesting ideas (I need to stop using interesting as a word of choice for things). From the sounds of it we have yet to find out everything Red has planned for this game so its well worth watching the thread just incase something catches your fancy.
Link: (Thread) http://freerun.forumotion.net/t253-united-symphonia

Another showcase complete, if you have anymore questions please go to the respective threads involved with the question. If you have some comment about the showcase itself please make a thread in the discussion forum and I'll be sure to reply to it asap. Want your game showcased? Then make a topic about it, the sooner you do, the sooner it'll be showcased as I'll pick out two each week. See you all next time and thankyou for reading.

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Project Showcase 13/06/11
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