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 Project Showcase 20/06/11

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PostSubject: Project Showcase 20/06/11   Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:32 pm

What kind of showcase awaits this week, the last one feels like it was only yesterday!

Showcase #1:
Unknown Origins
Media Type: Animated Sprite Series
Creator: Luciole2831
Story: To Be Announced
Genre: To Be Announced
Footnote: Looks like Luciole is keeping quiet about this one, which I guess adds to the allure of it. Not much to really comment on since theres little to no information on it, the picture in the thread looks awesome though. Go check it out.
Link: (Thread) http://freerun.forumotion.net/t274-unknown-origins-animated-sprite-series

Showcase #2:
Maze Track
Media Type: Map Builder/Forum Event
Creator: Deshar
Story:Not Applicable
Genre: Maze/Puzzle Game
Footnote: This event has been in the works for a while and finally its nearing its completion, hopefully it should be finished by next month and I can get the event underway. The idea behind Maze Track is that the users of the forum (you reading this) can sign up for a Maze Track builder, I'll send you the map builder I made using the game program Gamemaker from Yoyogames and you make a map for the game and send it back. Don't touch any other setting though as all the maps will be combined into one maze game that will be classified as a collaboration. I will be judging the maps personally and rating them, the rating will reflect where your map appears in the game (you chosen map type will also affect this) and there will be an indication of where you came in the event. I'm still deliberating on the prizes for the winners, right now I have a few ideas.
Link: (Thread) http://freerun.forumotion.net/t243-maze-track-information-page

To those that made a projects of some kind, thankyou for your contribution/s. And same to those that plan on posting a project on the forum, I'm glad we finally have some things to work with and hope you tune in next time. See you next week.

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Project Showcase 20/06/11
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