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 Fludd v1 New item

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PostSubject: Fludd v1 New item   Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:01 pm

A large crate will appear on the screen if depending on what color it is it will have a different effect.

Blue crate- This Nozzle allows Mario to hover in the air for a short time. Also it allows you to hover from side to side allowing. This hover mode is initiated on the third time the jump button is pressed.

Red crate-Rocket nozzle.This Nozzle allows the character to shoot up high into the air after charging up for a brief amount of time. However, he will fall back down without hovering. This rocket nozzle is initiated when ever the character presses the jump button, the jump button can be charged for greater height.

Grey crate-Turbo nozzle.This Nozzle allows the character to run at an extremely fast speed on land. When ever the user makes contact with someone while the item is being used the person who made contact will suffer from a knock back and 20 HP of damage dealt.

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Fludd v1 New item
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