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 Time to rock!

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PostSubject: Time to rock!   Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:47 pm

Okay everyone, I know I've been absent alot lately but I can assure you I'm back and this forum is going to get active again.

However I will be making some changes as time goes by, I will be watching out for peoples activity and participation. This means on all forums, if you're just sticking to one forum in here then it may hinder you. I'll be looking out for potential mods and admins, I'll also be looking out to see if any admins or moderators arnt pulling their weight and need to be demoted.

Anyone who can help us advertise please do so, if you have any idea for what the admin and moderators can do to advertise the forum then please do, in the mean time though keep posting in topics, discuss whatever you can and be aware that you are allowed to start topics, don't be afraid to.

Sorry for not doing the Project showcase either, I've been busy on Mondays, but I will have more time now on Mondays so they may reappear again in the future.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope to see you around the forum.

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Time to rock!
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