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 King Bom-omb

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PostSubject: King Bom-omb   Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:40 pm

King bomb returning from his past game super mario 64. When this bad guy is set onto the battle field a life-o-meter will be put above his head. This meter will constantly run down, when the meter is all out then he will explode with a devastating force. His life will run down faster the more you hit him. Also while he is on the battle field you can pick him up and throw him at your enemies.

Other times he will simply stay on the battle field but instead of blowing up he will attempt to jump and land on top of anybody in range. Also if you come close then he will pick you up and throw you off of the stage. When he is using these set of attacks he will only leave the stage if you pick him up and throw him off stage or have picked him up and thrown him 4 times. If you throw him 4 times on the fourth time he will explode.
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King Bom-omb
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