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 SSBR V0.1 update.

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PostSubject: SSBR V0.1 update.   Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:36 pm

SethEckos wrote:
Unfortunately for those who have been told that SSBR Demo v0.1 would be released this weekend, my bad... hehe ^_^; There's still bunch of glitches and all that fun stuff.. you thought it was LEGIT eh? LOL but i mean ive got the base Smash... all the move-sets are in placed Ive gain much knowledge over these 2months. However, i came with the conclusion too post my deleloping progress(psst..someone make a DOJO o.o') too help those who are hungry for information that BUG me a lot... you welcome >.<.

So Basically i am going to be sharing information of the game every week, This system is only for now on till someone makes an Legit DOJO. As i mentioned before don't bug me Except for(Artist's,Programmers,and what ever!) this Demo is nearly done.. i would say you will see it in the holidays. So for now Enjoy the updates!

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SSBR V0.1 update.
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