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 Project Showcase 9/5/11

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PostSubject: Project Showcase 9/5/11   Mon May 09, 2011 7:32 am

As you all know I have two projects running right now and one complete for the mean time, and while I'm tempted to make this first announcement about my media, I'm going to be fair and post media I'm not involved in for this update. Be aware though that I may put them in with other ones in due time.

Showcase #1:
Desert Hero
Media Type: Game
Creator: mashbros
Story: Working on...
Genre: Platform/Beat Em Up
Footnote: Now I know mashbros hasn't posted in a while, but I have taken a genuin interest in his project and would like to know what direction he takes it in. Desert Hero doesn't have a story as of yet, however I believe it is set in a desert habitat where the main characters father has thrown the main character into the depths of the desert as a test to see if he can survive. There are many vicious creatures in the desert and even some assasins that want your head. The main gameplay is pretty solid, you can attack with your sword, block and even counter your opponent if timed right. What I like about the blocking system is that there are no back attacks, blocking is absolute but you can't do anything while blocking. There are some downsides though if you can handle them, the textures are half 2D and half 3D which gives an unusual effect, some of the smaller enemies are hidden in the grass so paranoia sets in and you'll generally attack every grass patch to figure out if the enemies are there (Or is that just me?) and finally the ninja enemies are quite cheap in my opinion, they're quick, can jump high and can attack at angles, not the best idea for enemies of stage 1. (I think a ninja broke my shield too, so much for my ultimate block thought.)
In summary the game may have a few problems but seems pretty solid for a platformer (Or is it a Beat Em Up.), I'd reccomend playing it even if it is just to pick up a few ideas for your own games. Try it out if you're curious.
Link: http://freerun.forumotion.net/t152-demo-1-released-desert-hero

Showcase #2:
Luciole Sprite Meme
Media Type: Tutorial
Creator: Luciole2831
Purpose: The purpose of this sprite meme is to help develop characters background and info. This was thought of by Luciole2831.
Helps With: Sprite creation/Character biography
Footnote: Luciole is an active member of the community and still a strong contributer (*Cough*Admin*Cough*). Now out of the things Luciole has done I chose this one because although an old post, I persinally found it useful in defining my characters background. If you're looking to create a new character this is also a good place to figure out the aspects you want your character to have. Join in, have fun and I may see you there.
Link: http://freerun.forumotion.net/t12-sprite-meme-1

So thats it for this weeks showcase, I actually had a hard time picking out stuff unrelated to me...If this keeps up you might see my projects on here soon enough. Hopefully next time there'll be pleanty of things unrelated to me to showcase. (Hint hint, post up your projects everyone, no matter how small.)

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Project Showcase 9/5/11
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